Remote Controlled — Multi Shot Wireless Electroshock Weapon

Policing will be revolutionized by new WATTOZZ technology.
Until the introduction of Wattozz there were two kinds of electroshock devices in the world. The first type was an ordinary direct contact conducted electroshock devices for personal defense called the stun gun or electronic baton. These can only be administered while in close contact with the person and must at least be within arm’s reach of the assailant While the latter was an American-made electroshock device, powered by nitrogen gas and capable of transmitting electricity to the target via dart needles tethered to copper wires at short distances. “Due to the inevitable spread of the copper cables in the air, it was not possible to target the desired point with this weapon, and after about 1.5 meters, the dart needles went uncontrollably in the air, spread up to 60 centimeters and causing serious injuries to the face, eyes and neck.
Wattozz is the first and only electroshock weapon in the world that could send electricity to the target by means of energy loaded projectiles wirelessly without the use of pressurized gas or gunpowder thanks to its mechanical ejection system, while it could also control the duration and dose of the voltage remotely by radio frequency.
The cable technology used by Wattozz opponents has proven, in many cases, to be inaccurate and unpredictable, which carries significant risk to both the user and the assailant.
State-of-the-art technology with customised specification in an easy-to-use pistol-style housing makes the Wattozz the industry’s leading non-lethal alternative to firearms use.

The WATTOZZ® Remote Controlled Wireless Energy Weapon is the unique and most advanced non-lethal Law Enforcement weapon in the world.

WATTOZZ® designed to incapacitate an offender from a safe distance without causing death or permanent injury.

WATTOZZ® is not only effective in protecting the user’s safety, but also provides a safe alternative for apprehending rather than injuring the target.
The design of the WATTOZZ® combines Simplicity, Reliability, Effectiveness and Safety.

The WATTOZZ® uses a replaceable cartridge containing 2 bullets/projectiles to deploy two small probes that are attached to the bullets/projectiles. The bullets/projectiles transmit electrical pulses into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. WATTOZZ® could also control the duration and dose of the voltage remotely by radio frequency.

WATTOZZ® Gun use MECHANICAL SYSTEM to deploy probes which resulted a silent . Safe to be used while on Airplanes.
Other electroshock weapons use cartridges containing compressed Nitrogen or Gunpowder to deploy probes/bullet/dart.


Rival weapons which employ now obsolete wired technology are inherently risky due to the limited accuracy brought by the spread caused by the flimsy dangling wires connected to the weapon.
Using obsolete cable technology involves too much risk, Two dart needles connected to the cables coming out of the weapon create an spread of 60 cm or more in the air, it is not possible to target to the right place. That’s why serious injuries have become inevitable.
Old technology darts travels at an 8 degree angle downwrad The spread between two probes increases the further you get from your target with the probes separating one foot for every 7 feet travel and the wires are thin insulated wire and can break easily.
The cable system has completely eliminated in the Wattozz Weapon and thus it is possible to shoot at the desired point.
WATTOZZ® Gun shooting range- 10 meters (WIRELESS PROJECTILES)

The WATTOZZ® Gun has an internal memory that stores the operating software and a record of every deployment. The Built-in HD Camera of Wattozz Gun enable the recording of the usage once the gun is being activated .

WATTOZZ® Gun Electrical Theory
 Electricity must be able to flow between the probes or the electrodes and will generally follow the path of least resistance.
 Electricity from Wattozz Gun will not affect the internal organs
 Electricity will generally not pass to others in contact with the subject
 Electricity can arc through clothing, and even some bullet-resistant materials.
 Exposure to water will not cause electrocution or increase the power to the subject (the electrical charge is fixed inside the bullet of Wattozz Gun and will not increase significantly even with environmental changes).
 Medical studies have found that modern pacemakers and implanted cardiac defibrillators withstand external electrical defibrillators many orders of magnitude stronger than the WATTOZZ® conducted energy pulses.

WATTOZZ® technology uses similar electrical impulses to cause stimulation of the sensory and motor nerves. Neuro Movement Integration – NMI occurs when WATTOZZ® transferred electricity via the projectile is able to cause involuntary stimulation of both the sensory nerves and the motor nerves. It is not dependent on pain and is effective on subjects with a high level of pain tolerance. Previous generations of stun guns primarily affected the sensory nerves only, resulting in pain compliance.

The WATTOZZ® weapon is much safer than other weapon!
WATTOZZ® is much safer than other weapons because Wattozz’s shock values are kept at risk-free levels (it has 3 different electroshock levels) and with Radio Frequency shock duration and levels can be adjusted.
The projectiles of the wattoz weapon can be controlled remotely by the RF system.

Remote Controlled Wireless Projectiles
Double shot in a row feature
Built-in HD Camera with Anti-Vibration System
High Trigger Sensitivity
Non Gunpowder and Gas-less Firing System
Silent Firing System
Built-in Target Laser (red or green) and Night Flash Light
Compact Design
Ergonomic Handle
Direct Contact Mode
3 Different Electroshock Levels Adjustable to Low, Medium and High
Rechargeable Battery
Optional Human Voice Warning System
Optional Dataport Data Information System


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